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Signet PF is a unique Nano Molecular Thermo Conductive Refrigerant Oil Additive formula useful for Air-conditioning & Refrigeration system applications and heat pumps predominantly in consumer, commercial, industrial, & government sectors.

Signet PF additive in a system removes the oil film on tubes in the heat exchangers namely the evaporator and condenser thereby increasing the coefficient of heat transfer resulting in enhanced cooling and a better energy consumption ratio.It also increases the lubricating capacity of refrigerant oils significantly enhancing compressor operational efficiency.

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The Signet PF negatively charged molecule attaches to the metal surfaces inside the system; thereby displacing the oil film which is returned back to the compressor. Eventually a thin layer of the Nano molecular Signet-PF is formed in the system.

This single layer in effect makes a smoother surface for the refrigerant to travel thus providing optimum conditions for efficient thermal conductivity within the heat exchanger system of the Air-conditioning and Refrigeration equipment.

Signet PF additive is added appropriately into the system as per the nominal tonnage of the equipment or in ratio of the oil charge of the compressor, through the suction port. The Additive is carried by the refrigerant throughout the system.

We refer to the additive as being polarized since there is covalent nano molecular bonding that takes place between the negatively charged SIGNET-PF molecules and the positive charge of the metal surfaces.

Signet PF has no adverse effects on the equipment thereby helping older units to run almost like new and when used on newer units maintain their efficiency during their life cycle.

Signet-PF NMTC additive does not use any Chlorine or Chlorinated forms, in their blending, making it completely free from any kind of hazards to the machine or the user.

Signet PF – NTMC additive has been added to over thousands of installations in India & is the only technology that is tested & certified by several Energy Companies, Labs and Research Institutes.

Signet PF is suitable for all kinds of Air- conditioning Refrigeration systems irrespective of their refrigerant charge.

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Signet PF – contains no chlorine or halogens, and is completely compliant with the Montreal Protocols. Chlorine in your lubricant can react with moisture and produce hydrochloricacid which has an extremely adverse affect on refrigerant piping, compressor, winding insulation, components in the refrigeration system as also on bearings.

Current refrigerants contain very small amounts of chlorine…but future refrigerants (to be phased out over the next few years contain no chlorine at all. In fact, chlorides* are defined as a “contaminants” by the 1999 STANDARDs for SPECIFICATION of FLUOROCARBON REFRIGER ANTS published by the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute.

As newer systems, put into service now are designed to use chlorine-free refrigerants. Manufacturers will respond by specifying materials that are compatible with the current scenario. If it isn’t necessary to build in “chlorine resistance” they won’t do so…because it is expensive. Many systems, which are being replaced today, or new systems put into service TODAY are “chlorine free”.

Signet PF, can also be used in air-compressor systems. The benefits provided by clearing piping of retained oil and the increased lubricity have similar effects in these systems. Energy usage is reduced through removal of oil film in the heat exchangers and increased lubricity will result in enhancing life of the compressors thereby reducing the cost of failures. The increase in heat-exchanger efficiency will also be helpful in air driers and coolers.

Only because it is an oil additive. Signet PF contains no “friction modifiers” such as PTFE which have been shown to create conditions which can clog small passages and filters. Signet PF treats the METAL, not the OIL. Within about a week of installation (in most cases) no “active ingredient” remains in the carrier oil that was used to place Signet PF in your system as the Signet PF has bonded with metal surfaces.

The system should be treated. It may be possible that the increase in cooling efficiency will postpone the need to replace the system immediately. If multiple systems covering a facility aretreated, enough increase in cooling capacity can be seen to eliminate the need to upgrade, thereby saving replacement costs & power.

Also, if you are considering replacing some of your equipment because of maintenance issues (not related to leaks in metal components), you may find that many of these “issues” just get resolved with the Signet PF treatment.

Signet PF is as compatible with all refrigerants and any refrigerant oil. Compatibility with refrigerant oil is of utmost importance.

Signet PF being a nano molecular thermo conductive oil additive & synthetic in nature, makes it compatible with all refrigerant oils on the market today. Many manufacturers of Mineral Oil blends make claims that they are “compatible with all refrigerants”, when in fact, they are NOT compatible with all refrigerant LUBRICANTS

Synthetic Lubricant TypeCompatibility with Mineral Oil
Phosphate EstersFair

This increases the chances of seeing some clogging of filters or line driers after installation. This is because compressor failures introduce a broad range of contaminants into your lines. When the compressor is replaced these contaminants, from the most part, remain. This occurs even when systems are “flushed” prior to restarting the new compressor. While this may appear on the surface to be a “bad thing”, it is actually proof that we are doing a good job. These contaminants would eventually have found their way to your filters or driers but we have done it when we WANT to do it, not when chance demands.

Older systems, and those that have suffered compressor burn-outs, see the greatest benefit, in both reliability and efficiency, after Signet PF installation.

Unfortunately, this is true. There are several chlorine based blends & some other formulations of “PROA” products which cause burn out & other resultant failures because of its formulation comprising of Chlorine / Sulphur traces. We have seen no case of failure where it could not be traced to improper installation, or failure to follow-up after an installation. This is why we suggest that all of our customers & distributors go through Reports & the MSDS prior to the installation of Signet PF.

Remember, we treat the “metal”, not the “oil”. If you change your oil you will not remove any benefit we have applied. We recommend that, on oil change, you re-treat your system at 10% of the original “dose” to replace any benefit lost through normal wear-and-tear. Since we initially treat your system at a ratio of about 1:10 (10% of your existing lubricant capacity), for re-treating we recommend 10% of that amount, or about 1% of your existing lubricant capacity.

No. It will actually serve to recondition many of your seals and should result in less probability of leaking and seal failure.

Facts regarding Signet PF vs. Chlorinated Olefins below.

 Signet PFChlorinated Olefins
Chlorine Free FormulationYesNo
Improves Heat TransferYesYes
Chlorinated OlefinsYesYes
Performs Over Wide Temperature RangeYesNo
Increase LubricityYesYes
Extends Equipment LifeYesYes
Reduces Noise and VibrationYesYes
Reduces FrictionYesYes
Acid Formation PotentialNoYes
Contains Acid ScavengerYesSome
Rust ProtectionYesNo
Cleans and Restores Older SystemsYesYes
Maintains Efficiency of New SystemsYesYes
Reduces Run TimeYesYes
Anti-Weld ProtectionYesNo
Contains Anti-Oxidation AgentYesNo
Gasket, Seal ConditionerYesNo
Performs with All RefrigerantsYesNo
Inhibits Non-Ferrous CorrosionYesNo
Long Shelf LifeYesNo
Hazard Waste Disposal ProblemNoYes
Affinity for MoistureNoYes
Extreme Pressure LubricationYesYes
Compatible with All Compressor Oils *YesNo

*Except Silicon type com

Signet PF has been tested by several labs & institutes & has over been treated in over 25,000 Tons without any failures.

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