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The Taladanda main canal, which was constructed in 1869 and spans from Jobra to Ranihat in Odisha, is one of the oldest canals in our country. However, over time, the canal has suffered from pollution and encroachment issues. Based on Signet’s recommendation, the Odisha Water Resources Department has decided to install a Cementitious Composite Geosynthetic Mattress (CCGM) as a solution.

The implementation of the CCGM in the Taladanda main canal has been swift, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly, resulting in a remarkable reduction in construction time from 1.5 years (using traditional methods) to less than 4 months. This has effectively addressed the major concern of water wastage for the Water Resources Department. Moreover, the uniform layering of the CCGM has ensured that water reaches the tail end of the canal, resulting in a complete transformation of the area.

The Taladanda Canal transformation has attained widespread media attention, with a strong emphasis on the anticipated positive impact it will have on the environment.

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