No Flood Barriers

The Asian Development Bank estimates that floods account for over 50% of the most devastating among climate-related disasters in India. According to data collected by CWC, in the last 65+ years, India has suffered economic losses amounting to INR 4.69 trillion in crop, house and other property damages.

The NoFloods Water Tube structure is an extremely solid and strong barrier. It is very resistant to abrasion and tear and is resistant to most chemicals. It is the world’s most cost-effective solution for flood protection, coffer dams, and flexible reservoirs for storing rainwater, wastewater, toxic spills etc. The NoFloods Barrier has already proven its efficiency in protecting people, critical infrastructure and the environment in several countries around the world. Based on innovative and patented principles, the NoFloods Barrier consists of basically three primary components creating a solution with high strength, high flexibility, high versatility and with extremely low environmental impact. The NoFloods mobile flood barrier is fast and easy to install in flood threatened areas both before and after flooding has occurred

The NoFloods Barrier has been extensively tested and certified and have as such earned several accreditations from departments such as the French Department of Civil Defense and Emergency Response. The NoFloods Barrier was also selected as one of the most sustainable solutions in the world and is already part of THE SUSTAINA 2015.



Flood Protection
Temporary Storage
Water Dams
Water Diversion
protect access roads from storm surges
flood protection for descents
damming upstream
damming slopes
resilient cities
flash flood protection
easy dock and boat ramp repairs



The inflatable flood barrier replaces the heavy and inefficient sandbags and is at the same time, one of the most sustainable solutions on the market. Compared to sandbags, the CO2 emission can be reduced with as much as 99,5% when installing 1 km.


Barriers for fast deployment. Water dam and water diversion. NoFloods Flex when it must be easy, simple, quick, and efficient. A great solution for small and rapid projects. The solution further benefits from low storage space.


Removable Flood Barrier – with a long life span When you look for a durable, reliable solution for flood protection. Ideal for customers who do not
have direct access to water or search for a product with a very long lifespan.

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