Geotextile Bags

The all-rounder of geotextile sand containers

Geotextile Bags are small and large-sized geosynthetic sand containers for securing coastal, shore and harbour areas at risk of erosion. Thanks to the flexible shell, the deformable filling material can compensate for subsoil as well as structural deformations. Increased structural safety is thus ensured.

Mineral filter layers can be totally replaced and material saved using a filter-stable construction built of Geotextile Bags. Furthermore, the filter stability allows for greater structural safety. In addition to our standard Geotextile Bags, we also offer Geotextile Bags Xtreme. The unique two-layer composite and high material thickness (up to 1,800 g/m2) provide optimum protection against vandalism and other extreme mechanical influences.

They are particularly suitable for permanently exposed revetments, scour protection and structures with the required adaptability of the components.

Benefits Geotextile Bags

Geotextile Bags Xtreme

Extreme robustness for exposed structures

Geotextile Bags

The solution for temporarily exposed or permanently overbuilt structures

Products and configuration options

Everything for your Geotextile Bags system

Easy filling and installation

Step 1


With the help of a funnel and excavator, the Geotextile Bags can be easily filled

Step 2


The geotextile bags, which are made of a waterproof non-woven fabric, can be easily closed with a hand sewing machine

Step 3


For a quick and easy installation we recommend the use of an excavator or similar equipment

Geotextile Bags application examples from practice

Even with extreme challenges many-sided application possibilities

Further information

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