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Sea walls and revetments
Breakwaters | Groynes
Breakwaters | Groynes
Sea walls and revetments
Sea walls and revetments
Breakwaters and groynes
Breakwaters and groynes
Land reclamation and bank protection

Geotextile Tubes - The sustainable solution for coastal and shore protection

Robust geotextile tubes and bags for sustainable hydraulic structures

Due to the impacts of climate change, modern hydraulic engineering is placing greater emphasis on the significance of innovative and sustainable coastal protection measures.The geosynthetic Geotextile Tubes Tubes and Bags make it easy and safe to build erosion control structures on both lands and in water, with a quick construction process. The project-specific prefabricated container systems can be filled effortlessly with materials like sand, which are readily found in the local area. By using locally available materials for filling, Geotextile Tubes coastal protection solutions offer cost savings compared to traditional stone and concrete solutions. Additionally, these innovative solutions provide a natural-looking alternative, blending harmoniously with the environment. The geotextile containers are an ecologically friendly construction method due to their ability to promote rapid colonisation by marine flora and fauna. Geotextile Tubes products are known for their adaptability and can be seamlessly installed alongside other materials with ease. Depending on the size and type of the element, filling can be accomplished using a funnel or through hydraulic flushing with a mixture of sand and water. Geotextile Tubes solutions have many applications, from dykes on land to sustainable flood protection and offshore wind turbines in the water.


Through quick colonisation with marine flora and fauna, our Geotextile Tubes solutions provide sustainable and particularly ecological construction.


The simple handling enables for a rapid and flexible installation on land or in the water.


Geotextile Tubes container systems stand out from traditional approaches with their cost-effective design.


Due to the tremendous adaptability, it is simple to create safe building structures.


Geotextile Tubes coastal protection solutions have been certified and tested by independent bodies(BAW, for example).

Project Specific

Along with our specialists and engineer, we are delighted to customise the Geotextile Tubes systems for your specific project.

Geotextile Tubes coastal protection application possibilities

Land reclamation and bank protection

Systematically erect perimeter dams

Reclaimed areas can be reliably protected from wave and current forces with our geotextile sand containers. Dredged sand perimeter dams can easily erode. If the sand is safely contained within our tubes, erosion is avoided and rapid construction progress is assured. 


Breakwaters and groynes

Reliable coastal protection

Geotextile Tubes Tubes are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to typical hydraulic engineering materials. They can be utilised as the core of a structure or as a replacement for the entire hydraulic framework.


Dikes, dams, dune reinforcement

Flood protection structures with tubes and bags

Geotextile Tubes coastal protection technologies can be used to enhance and improve natural flood protection systems like dikes and dunes.  The tubes and bags can be installed as the foundation of a new structure or retrofitted, e.g. when it comes to dyke upgrades or surcharge filter constructions.


Sea walls and revetments

The alternative to stone revetments – Geotextile Tubes Bags

Geotextile Tubes Bags can be used to build secure seawalls and revetments. They are frequently a more cost-effective alternative to traditional stone revetments. They compensate for subsurface as well as building deformations due to their remarkable adaptability. Geotextile Tubes sandbags are better suitable for coastal protection measures than traditional stone revetments, especially on highly sandy coastal portions. They are also good for permanent scour filling due to their strong filtering capabilities.


Groynes and breakwaters

Erosions control structures with Geotextile Tubes Bags

Groynes and breakwaters can be built with small-format Geotextile Tubes sand containers in addition to Geotextile Tubes tubes. They may provide construction-related benefits depending on local conditions. If the hydraulic stability of the smaller pieces can be proven, the installation of pre-filled sand containers may be more viable than in-situ filling of the coastal protection tubes.


Our products for sustainable coastal protection

Geotextile Tubes

Sustainable coastal protection

Geotextile Bags

The sand containers for all challenges

Geotextile solutions for sustainable coastal protection

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